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Quick earnings money in crossfire

Quick earnings money in crossfire

1. Game Cash in Cross Fire

Right now the fastest strategy to make money in Crossfire is by buying Game Cash (e.g. EC, ZP, RP, etc.) which cost actual money. Game Cash can be very expensive and annoying to have, however it is still quite effective when wanting new weapons and GP. Also, you can purchase armor by using it. If you don’t want to buy Game Cash because, either you don’t have enough money or just don’t like to waste money on games; It’s up to you, but I tell you it’s very pleasing to have Game Cash because it helps very much and you’ll have more fun competing with other individuals with the better ammunition or character.

2. How to use your Game Cash

To achieve good weapons and a lot of GP when making use of your Game Cash you need to use it properly. The best two ways of doing this is by purchasing GP or playing Mega Lotto (Black Market). Although many people think it’s best if you buy guns with Game Cash, you MUST NEVER purchase them. This is because they last only until 7 days and after that you simply lost your Game Cash, when if you get GP you can purchase permanent weapons or win permanent guns by Mega Lotto (Black Market).
A. For the people who wonder what is Mega Lotto (Black Market), it’s where you obtain a crate in crossfire and you just get random stuff as a result. You can aquire up to the best weapons in game from Game Cash mega lotto (Black Market) such as M4A1 Silenced with Scope, AK47 Scope and Kriss Super V. Also, for those who are unlucky with this you can actually STILL get temporary weapons from this, coupons AND GP. Even thought you’ll not always get weapons or coupons, you may ALWAYS get GP. You can get from 1k GP to around 1 million GP! This is enough to buy all weapons in Cross Fire! However I tell you, you have to be extremely lucky to get it!
Note: Coupons are just items which you can get through mega lotto (black market). Once you get enough coupons you can use them to buy temporary and permanent weapons. Some of the finest weapons in game are purchased with coupons such as AK-knife, All of the camo weapons and GOLD weapons.
B. The second method to use your Game Cash is to purchase GP over the Cross Fire website. Although you won’t get that much it is still very effective as well as a safe way to get it. Even though you can get up to 100x more money + weapons + coupons with it, in case you just don’t like to take chances this could be the best way to get GP.

3. How to get GP and use it

As mentioned before, the best way to get GP is from Game Cash. If you can’t get Game Cash then there are 6 ways of getting it and using it properly.

Way 1: When reaching rank sergeant in the game, you can buy GP crates on mega lotto (black market). This can provide a LOT less GP than Game Cash crates but you can gain temporary weapons. Just use them but DON’T repair them. By not repairing you will get about 400GP per round, but sadly these guns only give 2500-10000 GP plus it will take time to use them completely. Also, GP crates will give permanent weapons too!
Way 2: Keep leveling up and you will gain GP when you do. This only works until 2 ranks more then sergeant. So make use of your GP wisely!
Way 3: Play Zombie (Mutation Mode). One game of ZM (MM) will gain as much as 400 GP if you happen to play it fully and it will not use your gun.
Way 4: Make different account for each weapon. For each account get a different weapon so you can use them all. Although this is extremely annoying at least you get to use the weapon you desire, as you will get GP for every account.
Way 5: Buy a permanent weapon and then use it until you have wasted it entirely. This will provide you enough to buy other weapons by the time.
Way 6: FARM. Even though farming is NOT LEGIT, it’s going to gain you so much XP and GP that it’s just stupid not to bring it up.

How Farm works: You have AT LEAST two computers in which to play crossfire. Get any gun and kill the account many times without him killing you. With more computers you can try from double kills to 10- kill streaks. It’s effective and fast. Also helps KDR (kill death rate).


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